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We know, weddings are expensive—but you can cut budget without anyone even noticing.
If you’re in the midst of planning a wedding, use these tips as you get ready for your big day.
Don't Let Your Money Ruin Your Marriage, here are 3 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding.

1. Save with groomsmen gifts and bridersmaid gifts.
Plan a budget for groomsmen gifts and bridersmaid gifts together.
This will help you to work together to achieve your goals. It also sets up clear spending guidelines.
When you are budgeting as a couple, it is essential that you communicate on a regular basis.

2. Host It All in One Place and Keep Business Local
Once you choose your venue, determine whether you can leverage relationships with local business owners.
Having your ceremony and reception at one location will cut travel time for vendors you'd have to pay by the hour.

3. Keep Decorations Simple and Tasteful
No matter where you’re holding your ceremony and reception, don’t be afraid to let the space speak for itself.
No need to splurge on buds if you don't care about them.
In short, don’t overdecorate. If part or all of your event is outdoors, rely on the venue’s natural beauty.