Should the Groom/ Groomsmen Help in Making Decor?

Posted by KA PO CHAN on

A girl was asked to be the bridesmaid of her best friend.
The bride has asked her Bridesmaids and the Maid of Honour to help in making the wedding decor.
This craft session is taking place only a few days before the wedding and they are strapped for time.

Her question is, should the groom and his groomsmen help with this?

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She saw the husband-to-be hangs around the house and watches TV or plays video games
or walks around and tells us he thinks this something “needs more greenery”,
to which I said to the bride “well if he doesn’t like it he can sit down and fix it“.
They should do all the decorations and she would have been fairly upset if the grooms party didn't help.

Just nicely let the bride know it would be great if some extra hands could help and you would like to get to know the groomsmen better.
No member of the wedding party should have to help, including bridesmaids. And yes, in a perfect world the groom and his men would be doing equal work.
But this is a conversation for the bride to have with her groom.
It's not unreasonable, but women doing more work for a wedding than men isn't exactly an unusual trope.
It's not true 100% of the time, either, but it's very, very common.