How to Write a Best Man Speech ?

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Have you ever been asked to write a best man speech for wedding?
Some people will say wedding speeches are so hard to write!
In fact writing a best man's speech is easier than you may think.


Best Man Speech

Use the below best man speech structure will help you to write and deliver a great Best Man Speech

1. Have an opening line thank the people who paid for the wedding
2. Give your congratulations to the newlyweds (get a few more cheers)
3. Compliment the bride.
4. Stories About the Groom
5. Advice To The Happy Couple
6. Heartfelt Comments
7. Thank the other speakers
8. Say some nice words about the bride
9. Make a few jokes and tell a few stories about the groom propose a toast!

Here are some more sugesttions
1. First of all, plan waaay ahead.
2. Start your speech with a great one-liner.
3. Fill your speech with more jokes.
4. Express your appreciation.
5. Vary the tone of your speech.
6. Print Off Your Speech And Go Through It With A Red Pen
7. Read Your Speech Out Loud To A Friend
8. Memorise Your Speech