How to Choose Groomsmen for Your Wedding

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A groomsman is one of the male attendants to the groom in a wedding ceremony.
Usually the groom will ask his males relatives or best friends to stand as his groomsmen at his wedding.
Choosing groomsmen can be just as difficult as choosing whom to marry.
If it were easy, you’d be inviting all your close friends as a groomsman.
But it’s not. You must consider your friendships, your family bonds, and other intimate connections.
You have other factors too, like the wedding budget—especially the wedding budget.
You probably know that weddings aren’t cheap, and while groomsmen generally pay for their own suits, fare,
and accommodations, you will need to buy each of them a groomsmen gift, as per tradition.

For a wedding with about 200 guests, the No. of groomsmen shoud be between 6 to 10.
However, that "tradition" just a suggestion only. You can have as little or as many groomsmen as you would like.
As a general guide, larger weddings tend to be more formal in nature and therefore require more groomsmen,
while fewer groomsmen are ideal for smaller, more intimate weddings.
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The groomsmen are your confidantes, your chosen comrades whom you trust with your big day.
They need to have earned that trust through the years you’ve known them,
With that in mind and your list in hand, choose your groomsmen wisely.
You only have positions available for a few. Make sure you choose people you are comfortable with and matter to you most..
Take into consideration that wedding preparations can be stressful and can make you short-tempered.
Are they the people who’ll understand this? Think of all the things you may need help with and what these people can contribute.
From there, you can already decide how many members of the entourage you really need.