How much do you give for a wedding gift?

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In 2019, Wedding guests in the United States will spend about $50 to $100 for a wedding gift.

Personalized wedding gifts for men

Better not set amount to be gifted to a wedding gift.
There are other factors, including, but not limited to how well you know the wedding couple.
what is happening financially in your own life
(other gift giving occasions such as birthdays, graduations, baby gifts, other weddings, etc.),
the location of the wedding (not everyone can afford to fly overseas and pay for a room and meals),
if you also spent money on a wedding shower for the bride, and most importantly what is in your budget.

Some of the new couples will sign up to a wedding registry site to share ideas of what they would like.
You can choose to buy a gift from the list.
Thinking of useful, and meaningful, wedding gift ideas can be challenging for guests,
It used to be commonplace for couples to register for all the household items needed for their first home together,
but many now cohabit before they walk down the aisle, meaning they may not need a china set or glassware for their new home.

Honeymoon funds is an other choice to contribute cash to spend on the wedding gifts to the new couple.
This is a great feature but keep in mind some gift lists only allow you to spend the funds on their partnered resorts or brands.