Groomsmen Proposal Ideas: Will you be my groomsman?

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How to Ask Someone to Be Your Groomsmen?
Once you have chosen your wedding party, you'll need to ask each prospective groomsman if he's up for it.
If possible, plan to ask each groomsman in person.
There are a handful of playful and humorous ways to ask too.
When you started thinking about whom you envision standing next to you when your big day comes.
You knew that you wanted to ask your groomsmen and ushers in a fun and creative way.
You began looking into different things you could do that they would appreciate and enjoy.
The goal was to set the tone not only for the wedding itself, but also for the process leading up to the wedding.
Your goal is for them to have the time of their lives as they help me to prepare for my journey with my wife-to-be.

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Design will you be my bridesmaid or will you be my groomsman cards to let your best friends know you want them in your wedding party.
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Give your bros something to wear on your wedding day.
Part of accepting the gig as your bro is agreeing to wear whatever outfit you want them to wear at your wedding.
If you so happen to have style-minded friends, they may appreciate a customized something-or-other that will fit with the suits you’ve chosen.

If possible, gather all the gentlemen you’re hoping will be your groomsmen and break the news in a celebratory manner.
For instance, invite them over for a pot of your world-famous chili and a couple of hands of poker.