Groomsmen Duties Guide

Posted by KA PO CHAN on

I'm a groomsman and never really been part of a wedding. What are the duties and parts of a wedding for a groomsmen?

What exactly will be expected of the groomsmen is dependent upon what kind of the ceremony will be.
Whatever form the wedding party takes, whether it's the classic bridesmaids and groomsmen,
or something a little more modern (we're all for a best woman or a gent of honour!) .
There are some key best man tasks and groomsmen duties that the lads traditionally fulfil.
While all might not apply to your pal's wedding day, we've compiling the ultimate groomsman duties checklist to help you navigate the wedding,
and ensure your groom has the best - and most stress-free - day ever!

Pre-Wedding Duties
Make sure the Groom Get Dressed.
Help the groom choose and rent (or buy) wedding formalwear, and coordinate the other groomsmen's rentals.
The best man may also be asked to help arrange accommodations for out-of-town groomsmen.
If it's a more casual wedding, help groomsmen find the outfits online or in a store.

Responsibilities on the Wedding Day
Keep an eye on the clock the morning of the wedding to ensure the groom and all the groomsmen get to the ceremony venue on time.
Wrangle the groomsmen throughout the ceremony and make sure they're in the right place at the right time, organized, and presentable.
(The best man will also make sure the groomsmen aren't glued to their cell phones and any flasks are out of sight!)

Post-Ceremony Responsibilities
Take care of the groom's clothes after he changes out of his wedding attire.
Make sure all of the groom's wedding-related expenses are taken care of.
(Really, the vendors should have all been paid in full one month before the big day, but in the event they haven't been, it's the best man who makes sure everything is settled.)
Handling and welcoming the guests during the wedding reception is one of the major responsibilities.

Your biggest job is to support the groom. Think of all the groomsmen as a team,
and your team's most important job is to make sure everything on the groom's side happens with little to no problems.