Best Man Wedding Speech Template and Wedding Toasts Order

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The speeches for wedding are usually given at the wedding reception, before you get to the dancing.
Whoever is hosting the wedding should speak first, and should start as soon as guests have found their seats.

Order should go:
1. Father of the bride (Parents of Either Spouse)
2. Groom
3. Bride
4. Maid of honour
5 Best Man.

Traditionally the best man gives his speech last or makes the first toast at the wedding reception.
So a good best man speech will be very important for the wedding.
Traditionally the best man’s speech is expected to deliver the laughs, so make sure to write a few best man jokes.
No pressure! Here are the Best Man Wedding Speech Structure and some Best Man Wedding Speech Templates:

1. Best Man Speech Structure

Best man speech structure

2.  Best Man Speech Templates

how to give a best man speech 2019

Best man wedding speech template

Best Man Wedding Speeches Example

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