Bachelor Party Ideas

Posted by Iris H on

What did you do for the bachelor party, that made it something your friend would remember forever?

1. A paintball battle.
That perfect place to test out your offensive and defensive skills as you destroy the competition.
Are you sure your best man is up to snuff? This is his chance to prove himself.
It is the perfect activity for the potential-husband who wants to have some physical fun before the wedding.
With large arenas that accommodate lots of players, this is ideal for a big bachelor party with lots of participants.

2 Hunt.
If your party is looking for alternatives to the stereo-typical strip club party then our hunting bachelor parties are exactly what you need.
Especially for guys who don’t usually go hunting—it’s a wacky adventure. 10 guys. 10 guns. 10 cases of beer. What could go wrong?

3. Boating
You don’t have to own a boat to enjoy some time on the water.
Look into chartering a yacht for a few hours during the day or evening for a luxe boating excursion worthy of the groom-to-be.
Bring a few bottles of top-shelf champagne (or stick to your favorite beer) and celebrate in style on the high seas.

4. Taste cigars.
Take the groom and his crew out to a swanky cigar bar for some old-world bachelor party fun.
Splurge on a swanky cigar lounge and smoke cigars that you would never, ever ordinarily justify buying. If not now, when?
Stop by your favorite cigar bar and puff away on top-notch cigars while sipping single-malt Scotch.

5. BBQ .
Think outside of the BOX! Why not have a BBQ !
Treat yourself to a beach bachelor party on one of our beautiful islands. It's inexpensive and fun!
You can bring your own chairs, coolers, food and drinks, party, swim, go crazy!!
You can grill out, bringing your own food, or have us cater your party. It's up to you!