3 Best Christmas Gifts for Men 2019

Posted by Connie Moore on

(About author: Connie Moore, Cheif Sales Representative of Maple Leaf Groomsmen Gift Ltd.,)


It's often hard to find a special gift for men to express the right sentiment when Christmas comes.
One way to make sure your message gets across is to have it engraved.
Engraving a personalized gift with a meaningful statement allows you to give a gift that communicates everything you want to say.
That is, so long as you can find the right words.
Treat your boyfriend, husband, dad, son or brother with one of our fantastic unique & personalised Christmas gifts that will make them always remember the Christmas of 2019.

1. Personalized Engraved Wood Watches.

Wearing one of these personalized watches purchased from Maple Leaf Groomsmen Gifts Ltd.,
It will always be showtime for the man lucky enough to be. Since people won't be able to take their eyes off of them.
Metal is a thing of 80’s. Wood is the fashion trend Today.
And these beautiful watches are made with ebony wood sourced from…well, no one cares where the wood came from.
With the personalized watch engraved with the message/options of your choice, your men will know that it came from you.
This timepiece will stand the test and become a must-have accessory in your groomsman's collection. In a word,
give him the gift of time and they can spend a woody 24 hours a day.

2. Personalized Christmas Gifts Box Set

Alcohol and weapons have never mixed well. Until now of course.
With this personalized engraved Christmas Gifts Box Set, you’ll show your groomsmen that you’re a lillte bit dangerous, yet tasteful too.
They’ll have what they need to start making friends in the bathroom of that office party they don’t want to be at.
We’ve even included a funnel to make it more easier to pour a line of shots on the stainless steel towel dispenser.
This custom engraved gift set will be a perfect/wondeful Christmas gifts ideas, which comes with a flask, two shot glasses, a funnel, and folding pocket knife ,
housed in a wooden gift box. Both the flask, knife and wooden gift box are customizable with an engraving of your choice.

3. Custom Engraved Pocket

If you want him to strap on a set that will instantly slap a little suave on the big weekend, then this is the set to indulge them in.
Put some design in that cufflink with a trifecta that brings that wrist joint the bling.
If you wish to inject some instant dapper into your men, it starts with accessories that hit up his most communicative joint.
Those wrists will come alive as he slides across the dance floor with this chic collection, a personalized Christmas gift that will deliver so quickly, they'll be strapped on the day of.
If you want to pop off a couple accessories to your men that will be lifelong, then you get it with All the Right Cuff.
This cornucopia of cool comes with a pocket watch with chain and wood cufflink set. The pocket watch is constructed from stainless steel, manufactured with high-quality quartz movements.
Engrave 2 or 3 lines on the front of this timepiece and you have one awesome gift.