2019 Average Age of First Marriage In the in the United States.

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According to the recent research from the United States Census Bureau (USCB), the figures reported for 2010 to 2018 are based on Current United States Population Survey data.
The average age of first marriage for men in 2010-2018 was 29 years. For women, it's slightly younger at 27 years.
Since the 2010s there’s been a clear trend in the United States for rising age at first marriage—which excludes people who were previously married and have divorced or lost a spouse.

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Associated with this trend is that the age at which men and women marry for the first time continues to rise to record levels.
To put it in perspective, in 1990, the average age of marriage for men was 25, for women was 24; in 1980 it was 23 for men and 22 for women; and back in the 50s, it was only 21 for men and 20 for women.
Deciding when is the right time to get married has an emotional element.
Is getting married later a good thing?
According to the research, age is just a number. What really matters for a successful marriage is what you’re doing during your single years.
Money might play an important role into the marriage math, changing attitudes about marriage could have something to do with more and more people delaying marriage.